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Oven Cleaning Prices

Our oven cleaning prices are highly competitive and, because we are flexible, you only select the services you need. Our fees, excluding VAT, are as follows:

Single Oven (2 racks) £53.00
Double Oven (3 racks) £70.00
Ceramic hob £18.00
Gas hob £18.00
Stanley, Rayburn, Alpha:
2 oven range £79.00
4 oven range £110.00
Horizontal unit £58.00
90cm and Superior Sizes:
Hob £16.00
Half size, 3 rack oven £30.00
Single wide oven £63.00
90cm Master Variety £91.00
100cm Master Variety £93.00
110cm Range Cooked £101.00
Extractor £17.00
Microwave £14.00
Tile and grout
Small Barbeque £45.00
Large Barbeque £90.00
Commercial kitchen
One-off deep kitchen

For a free no obligation quote, please contact us on 020 8629 5335 or complete the form below and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

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